Unified Analytics - By Solvation ™
Analytics. AI. Machine Learning,
Big Data. Decision Sciences.
Unified Analytics Group unifies individuals and organizations of all types “who work together, as one™, to investigate and develop technologies, solve analytics issues and deliver a broad and wide variety of advanced applications.

Some Core Services

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Artificial Intelligence

Big Data

Business Intelligence

Data Science

Decision Science

Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics

Unified Analytics - by Solvation ™

Where Solutions & Inventions happen

Unified Analytics Group LLC unifies both individuals, groups, companies and other and organizations, of all types  and sizes, so they can collaborate or partner in many ways but always “work together, as one™”, whether they can be thought of as supply-side or else as  customers and clients.

We investigate and develop technologies, solve analytics and related issues, as well as develop and deliver a broad and wide variety of advanced applications.

We work in teams, of all sizes, using our collective knowledge and resources to advance, develop and deliver market-driven solutions.  

We are a diverse group of providers, technologists, policymakers, corporations, academics, investors, entrepreneurs, clients and customers, typically intending to be in the group or in its  teams for the long term.

Unified Analytics, and each  company associated with The Solvation Group, contributes the  resources and knowledge able to advance, develop and deliver our services.  Unified Analytics, and each company associated with Solvation, works with customers and clients and introduce  opportunities.

www.UnifiedAnalyticsGrp.com specializes in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Decision Science, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and related specialties.  We unify either a few or a significant number of people, teams and companies to either invent or develop such technologies and solutions. In turn, we supply them, or turn-key versions of them, to our clients, customers or partners.  One of our strengths is that all parties involved in an initiative “work together, as one ™”.

 your pathways to success.

Business Plan Judges, Panelists, Mentors, Members, Advisors, Invitees.

Solvation’s Associations

WordPress Core Development team member. Was asked to head the worldwide SQA team for a major release.


MIT$100K Business Plan Competition.
Judge - by invitation

MIT Bitcoin and Blockchain Club.

MIT Energy Club

The World Bank.
Introduction to a key member of a major world bank.

MIT Alumni Angels of Boston

Worcester Polytech Venture Forum
Entrepreneurship Panelist - by invitation.

MIT Technology Review
Member The Global Panel, by invitation.

Venture Cafe Foundation. Entrepreneurship Melting Pot.

MIT Club of Boston
Members. Investors.

MIT Alumni Association.

Mentor | Business Plan Judge | Advisor

John Andrew Redding

I saw this online. I transformed it into one for us. It’s close to what we are doing in the “crowded” and in the “unified” problem solving and solution application efforts.

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John Andrew Redding

Mentor | Business Plan Judge | Advisor

Each collaboration is lead, co-lead or overseen by mutually selected neutralist Success-Makers(tm) – serial entrepreneurs or C-Levels with track records of success, Supported by “everyone in Solvation”, as well as by Spring-Boarder(TM). Success-Makers drive success rates and growth away up and to drive risks away down – with their compensation tied to success

Some Professional Activities

In 2015 A report released today by MIT underscores the substantial economic impact of the Institute’s alumni entrepreneurs, whose companies have created millions of jobs and generate annual revenues of nearly $2 trillion — a figure greater than the gross domestic product (GDP) of the world’s 10th-largest economy.  


MIT STEX (MIT Startup Exchange). Member.


Business Plan Competition. Invited Panelist. Invited Judge. Invited Speaker.


Spoke to audience, competitors  and the Chinese Television audience on Entrepreneurship.

Business Plan Competition. Invited. Judge.


Venture Cafe Foundation. Entrepreneurship Melting Pot. Mentor.

2016. MIT Alumni Angels of Boston. Member.


2016: MIT Bitcoin and Blockchain Club. Member.  

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